Michelle Phan's, "16 year old mishap"

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Michelle Phan's, "16 year old mishap"

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:48 pm

Honestly, I feel irratated that Michelle is going through this turmoil over an insident that happened between her and a sixteen year old on twitter. Mad

So she made a mistake, it happens. To see so many people attack her on her own self defence is immature. How is it that people can actually take pride in judging her for an action she didn't mean? They even judge her for "acting differently." How can someone who doesn't know her, determine if she's not acting as usual? I don't agree that Michelle should be the only one in trouble after all, she wasn't the cause. It cannot be a one sided situation.

And as we all know, Michelle has publically apologized. She extended her apologies once again when the first attemp seemed to fail. Michelle qoutes, " Wow, are people still talking about the whole 16 year old thing? No one even gave me room to explain myself? Basically, this person (who I did not know was 16 because it was twitter not facebook, you can't see someone's age) called anime and my halloween tutorials retarded. As a human being, you can only take so many insults until you crack. Well, I cracked on that one. I was super mad and of course, I replied to her nicely and RT her because I wanted her to have a taste of her own medicine.

Was it the right thing to do? No of course not. I should have ignored. I felt bad and even my bf told me "yeah you shouldn't do that, it's not the Christian thing to do". But my action was fueled by my emotions. Later on I apologized to her, and made it a public apology so everyone could read it. I was truly sincere, but of course, some people will say otherwise. No one is evil guys. I'm sure all of us on here don't wish death on a stranger, or want the worse for someone.

Of course, those gossip sites will never show you the good side, they'll only twist and manipulate the truth. People don't realize that

1) I'm not a celebrity. I don't have a Publicist telling me what to say or do. I react how I feel. Although I am A LOT better now at handling hate and crits than before... Just know that I am improving.

2) If you got hundreds of hate mail and spammers bringing down someone you are so passionate about, wouldn't you get angry? I admit, I'm getting better at it because I'm getting use to it. I realize, everyone is not going to like you. Like what the great Katt Williams said "Even Jesus had haters. Watch the Youtube clip, if you wanna feel better and have a good laugh! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQRbDSwZIME (and NO I am not comparing myself to Jesus, I'm just using him as an example because, obviously he was perfect and even he had haters, so why am I complaining right?)

I'm sure the last bullet point, everyone will relate.

3) I have the right to MAKE MISTAKES. Like everyone else!

So please, can we drop this. The girl who is reading this. I'm truly sorry. I did not know you were 16, but regardless of your age, if you were 3 or 88, it wasn't right what I did. I just hope we both get over this.

P.S I get really upset when someone uses the word "retarded" in a negative way. I use to volunteer and teach a health class for the mentally disabled, so you can imagine how I felt.

P.S.S Reading some comments, please refrain yourself from calling the 16 year old a "Bitch" or "Immature". Or else this ENTIRE POST was USELESS. The whole point of this post was to show that we all make mistakes, and we're not evil (Unless you're Hitler) , we get hurt and we say and do the wrong thing at the wrong time because our emotions get the best of us. Let's just be nice. Us girls need to stand up for each other. Coming to Thailand and seeing how some of the women here are treated, I realized how if we all stand up for each other, we can make a big difference.- Michelle

I agree with Michelle whole heartedly with her last paragraph statements. We DO need to stand up for one another because things would just continue to go down hill and quit fast. Our actions can only increase the behaviors of those who treat them (and us) negatively. So why do it?

I also agree that what she did is wrong, especially as a Christian. However, she's wise in bringing her mistake to the front. Many people don't bother. All she wants is to put this problem behind and move on, learning from her mistake. Obviously many people will say otherwise as she's stated. As her fans we have to continue to support her and forget about the whole thing.

On the last note, I have to thank her for being the lovely person she is! She's such an inspiration for so many! Never stop being you, Michelle!

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